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oberleet's Journal

Oberleet - The Place for Oberlin's elite dorks to
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Read out interests. We're exactly as obscure as we sound.
4th meal, 90s alternative, aim, anime, anime voices, anne frank, apples to apples, aqua teen, army of darkness, bad movies, badger, banana phone, big tables at stevie, broomsticks, capes, cartoons, chatrooms, chuck norris, clone high, cold war references, communities, computers, concerts, consent, costumes, crossdressing, cucumbers, dancing, dascomb, doing jfk impersonations, dork, dungeons and dragons, eliot's sex adventures, elyria, emo kids, evil 1 and 2, facebook, fake personalities, fake religions, fan art, fanfic, fantasy, feeding dudley, fight club, fighting, food, fortune cookies, freegans, frenchfries, friends, fruit loops, full moon, gabe-raham, gaia, geek, gibsons, goatse, group porn adventures, harkness, harry potter, helen keller jokes, hiding, hipsters vs hippies mudfights, hp, hugs, internet, internet celebrities, internet stereotypes, lameness, langston/north, larping, laser mice, laughing at social hierarchy, lemonparty, lord of the rings, loving ma'ayan, macs, making lists, malfoy, manga, message boards, mmos, movies, mulan, mushroom, music, nancy dye, neopets, nerd, noodles, oberlin, obies, obsessive email checking, online gamers, parkinsons, peanut butter jelly time, pepto bismol, photography, pickles, picnic food, pingpong, polyamerous relationships, posts, prince of tennis, project runway, quoting, raman, rating communities, reading, resident evil, role playing, rosa parks, rpg, rugby, satire, sex, sexual innuendoes, sharing blankets, sketchy, slash, south lounge, staying up late, steak and blowjob day, stevie, sturdy, super smash brothers, talcott, ten fingers, the escapadres, the freshmen 15, the grape, the keeper, the mulan soundtrack, the princess bride, the shining, the space under mudd, throwing food, tubgirl, vegans, vegetarians, video games, vintage clothing, webcomics, werewolves, winter term, wireless, wrestling in chocolate pudding, writing, your mom, youtube